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Media Relations

We leverage our longstanding relationships with members of the media to promote your work. To that end, the media kit is the mother’s milk of media relations. Like the United Way’s “One gift works many wonders” slogan, the media kit is a basic tool that serves many communications purposes. In a concise, readable and organized format, it contains comprehensive information and images about your firm, you and projects you have undertaken. Its initial use is with the media, making it fast and easy for the press to write a story about you. It is sent out with a press release, which contains news—a new project you have landed, completed etc. When the press approaches you, it will save you from having to answer a lot of routine questions. Re-formatted for a non-media audience, it becomes an information kit that economically provides information a prospective client needs when deciding whether to use your services. The information it contains can be used to refresh and update your Website, adapted for a capabilities package, newsletter or postcard keep-in-touch program or remarketed in other ways.


From ghostwritten feature stories for trade journals to brochures, newsletters, websites, eblasts, catalogues, speeches and more, we can fulfill all your needs for text with stylish, elegant prose.

Social Media

This is an excellent adjunct to your other marketing channels and a way to stay current and connected with regular clients and potential new ones. Once your Facebook page is created and launched, we can work with you to maintain it. (Ideally, you should post once or twice a week.) We can also work with you to promote the page and build traffic and “likes.”


We offer award-winning photography to illustrate and reinforce the points our written communications documents strive to convey. We can handle your every desire for architectural, event, portrait, product, trade show and travel photography. Our images have been published in every issue of Canadian Interiors since 2001 and frequently in Zoomer and other publications. For more information and an extensive, searchable portfolio, please visit our photography website.